Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sting Like A Bee Kit!

I'm actually late in telling you about this kit but I had such a lot of things on my mind. A bbzzzyyy week you can say. ;) Earlier this week, I got to work on this fantastic kit! It really jumped out at me and I love the colours! It's called Sting Like A Bee (hence the bzz) by Scraps Of Ellay. She's such a fabulous designer! Here's a quick glimpse at the kit.
Image is linked to the store!

There's also this fantastic cardstock and glitter to match!

But if you are still a newbie at designing layouts and you'd rather have all the work done for you in advance, check out these quick pages!

I got a chance to scrap my parakeet who banged against a wall in the dark and a bug bite that gave me a hive. lol. Is it too weird that I took a picture of it? :P
The last one is a calendar I made for the stuff to scrap's calendar challenge. :D I love how it turned out because I LOVE the colour blue. And even though my blog is purple (my second favourite colour), I've always loved blue best. :D

That's all for now but I hope you liked what I shared. Come back soon coz you never know what might catch your eye. :)

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